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Sarah Brightman Encourages Students To Pursue Their Dreams During A Visit To Chile

Sarah Brightman recently visited the Liceo Experimential Artistico (Experimental Arts School) in Chile where she encouraged students to pursue their dreams with all of their hearts and minds.

The visit took place due to a joint coordination between UNESCO, for which Sarah is proud to be an Artist for Peace Ambassador, and the Chilean Council of Culture and the Arts.

Whilst on this visit, Sarah spoke to students about her upcoming trip to the International Space Station (ISS) and highlighted the importance of education, sustainability and pursuing their dreams.

"There is an enormous opportunity for the world to begin to harness the brainpower of a section of society that needs to be nurtured and encouraged – that section of society is a pretty big one – it’s young people like yourselves. As I prepare for my space trip over the next two years I want to ensure that I can do as much as possible to encourage today’s youth to pursue any ambitions that they have whether that be in the science/technology fields or in the arts so that we empower a whole new generation”. – Sarah Brightman

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