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This compilation was produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber and released by Decca Broadway. Included are some popular tracks from earlier Brightman/Lloyd Webber albums like Surrender – The Unexpected Songs, The Songs That Got Away and The Phantom of the Opera.

It also features several previously unreleased songs, including “Whistle Down the Wind” (recorded during the Surrender sessions) “In the Mandarin’s Orchid Garden,” (from The Songs That Got Away), “One More Walk Around the Garden” and “What More Do I Need.”

Track Listing

1. Whistle Down the Wind (From Whistle Down the Wind)
2. Away from You (From Rex)
3. Guardami (With One Look) (From Sunset Boulevard) [Italian Version]
4. Think of Me (From the Phantom of the Opera)
5. One More Walk the Around the Garden (From Carmelina)
6. Surrender (From Sunset Boulevard)
7. If I Ever Fall in Love Again (From the Crooked Mile)
8. Half a Moment (From Jeeves)
9. Piano (Memory) (From Cats) [Italian Version]
10. What More Do I Need (From Saturday Night)
11. There Is More to Love (From Aspects of Love)
12. Last Man in My Life (From Song and Dance)
13. In the Mandarin’s Orchid Garden (From East Is West)
14. Nothing Like You’ve Ever Known (From Tell Me on a Sunday and Song and D)
15. Chi il Bel Sogno Di Doretta (From la Rondine)