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My Boyfriend's Back


“My Boyfriend’s Back” was Sarah’s first release on her own label, Whisper Records, which she formed with Jeffrey Calvert, the composer of “Starship Trooper.”

Although a departure from the space-driven lyrics of the previous recordings, the B-side does not stray far from fantasy, this time delving into the realm of fairytales with a song entitled “Sleeping Beauty.”

An original composition by Jeff Calvert and Geraint Hughes, “Sleeping Beauty” is a take on the well-known fairy tale. Sarah laments about being placed in a trance for a hundred years for the mere crime of loving a prince. As in all fairytale endings, the prince cheats time, plants the proverbial kiss to save his maiden, even as he performs an early version of rap!

Track Listing

1. My Boyfriend’s Back
2. Sleeping Beauty