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Rhythm of the Rain


Recorded in the eighties, during the heyday of electronic sounds, Sarah’s remake of “Rhythm of the Rain” features synthesized melodic raindrops. The 12” version contains an “extended version” of “Rhythm of the Rain.”

The B-side of this single contains the song, “Action Man,” which is a throwback to the flamboyant recordings made earlier in Sarah’s career.

She sings about looking for excitement from a total stranger. At the end of the song, the action man appears (with an electronically altered voice) announcing, “Night after night they fight for a piece of the action man.” The song’s refrain declares:

“I need my action man tonight.
I need him here to hold me tight.
I need my action man to stay
I need him here ‘cause I want to play.”

Track Listing

1. Rhythm of the Rain
2. Action Man
3. Rhythm of the Rain – Extended Version