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Song and Dance

Sarah’s performance in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Song and Dance was staged and recorded before a live audience at the Palace Theatre in London on April 28, 1984. This performance was commissioned by RCA as a video recording for release in the US.

The “Song” portion of Song and Dance was conceived originally as a one-woman musical entitled Tell Me On a Sunday, detailing the exploits of a British girl in New York.

This was eventually combined with high-octane dancing by Wayne Sleep, performed to a Lloyd Webber composition entitled “Variations” (based on Paganini’s Caprice in A minor).

Subsequently billed as Song and Dance, this full-length musical began a two-year run in 1982 at the Palace Theatre starring Marti Webb. It was at the end of the run that Sarah was commissioned to reprise the role in a live performance that was taped for video release.

Track Listing

Disc: 1

1. Overture
2. Let Me Finish
3. It’s Not The End Of The World
4. Letter Home To England
5. Sheldon Bloom
6. Capped Teeth and Caesar Salad
7. You Made Me Think You Were In Love
8. Reprise: Capped Teeth and Caesar Salad
9. It’s Not The End Of The World (If He’s Younger)
10. Second Letter Home
11. The Last Man In My Life
12. Come Back With The Same Look In Your Eyes
13. Take That Look Off Your Face
14. Tell Me On A Sunday
15. I Love New York
16. Married Man
17. I’m Very You, You’re Very Me
18. Let’s Talk About You
19. Reprise: Let Me Finish
20. Nothing Like You’ve Ever Known
21. Reprise: Let Me Finish

Disc: 2

1. Introduction And Theme
2. Variations 1-4
3. Variation 5
4. Variation 6
5. Variation 7
6. Variation 8
7. Variation 9
8. Variation 10
9. Variation 11 and 12
10. Variation 13 and 14
11. Variation 15
12. Variation 15 1/2
13. Variation 16
14. Variation 13 and 14 (varied)
15. Variation 17
16. Variation 18
17. Variation 19 and 20
18. Variation 5 (varied)
19. Variation 22 and 23
20. Song – When You Want To Fall In Love
21. Dance