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The Point of No Return

“The Point of No Return” from The Phantom of the Opera – Sarah Brightman & Michael Crawford (original cast)   ... > Read more

Sarah's Angel

“I am your shadow I am your rain I am your longing a little of your pain I am red ... > Read more

Sarah's Community

Sarah's fan forum, The Brightman Voice, is the exclusive place to get special, members-only content and up-to-date announcements about the ... > Read more

Phantom China Project!

Today in Shanghai, Sarah announced that she would be joining a team of celebrity judges on the first-ever musical theatre ... > Read more

The Brightman Voice

Many thanks to everyone who submitted a name for my official community, and for those who took the time to ... > Read more

Heaven Is Here

"Hold me and feel me And wrap your arms around Coz when you love me I'm quite clear  That heaven ... > Read more