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Brand New Website and Music Download - "ANGEL"

We are extremely excited to welcome you to Sarah's brand new website! Explore Sarah's new Dreamchaser journey by visiting each of the planets on the homepage. Explore the brand new Web Store, full Media section with music and videos, exclusive Fan Community with bonus content, and much more!

The wait is finally over! Right now you can download the first track, "Angel," from Sarah's upcoming release, "Dreamchaser." To get your copy, visit the homepage and fill in your information. Share your thoughts about the new track in the fan community!

"Angel," a collaboration with veteran producer Mike Hedges, known for his iconic work with the likes of U2, The Cure, Dido, has been co-produced by Sally Herbert and mixed by Tom Elmhirtst (Adele, Amy Winehouse)

Sarah shares, "I am incredibly excited to be sharing this new music and to be able to give a taste of what is to come on the album in January. Angel is a track that is very dear to me, as it lends voice to some of the hopes I have for the next stage of my career whilst casting an eye right back to my childhood. There are some incredible plans afoot and the scale of this song matches the scope of my ambitions for the next 2 or 3 years."