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'Le bonheur est multicolore' Feat. Louisa, Mathias & children from Saint-Nicolas School of Le Havre FR

Thank you to the extraordinary citizens of the city of Le Havre (France) for their unwavering support and more particularly to Grégory Constantin, Clayton Joutet and Stephane De Sousa, and French friends who initiated this project. Magical moments shared with the children of Saint Nicolas School on «Le bonheur est multicolore», Sarah’s beautiful song written by Jean-Jacques Goldman. Special thank you to the teachers of the great Saint Vincent de Paul school complex for their precious help. This song sung by Sarah now belongs to the kids and the teachers of all the schools in France!


Listen to ‘Le bonheur est multicolore’ here: https://pias.ffm.to/le_bonheur_est_multicolore_sarah_brightman