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NEW Store Spotlight of the Week: Sarah's Limited Edition "A Christmas Symphony" Holiday Items

Treat yourself or someone special with one of these beautiful holiday items in celebration of Sarah’s beautiful “Sarah Brightman: A Christmas Symphony.”

These collectable items will be ONLY available for a very limited time until December 31st, 2020 … don’t miss this chance to add them to your collection!

Remember the wonderful moments of “A Christmas Symphony” with an exquisite 20-page storybook program.

Celebrate this special holiday season with a limited edition glass snowflake ornament adorned with a charm that is engraved with the “SB” emblem and a beautiful blue ribbon … all wrapped up in a custom-designed blue gift box!

Collect the first in a series of limited-edition commemorative plates! This beautiful plate is embellished with the “SB” emblem and a decorative design and features a Latin phrases that translate to “Angel of Music, Weaver of Dreams” and Sarah’s signature, packaged in a custom gift box.

Browse these gifts and discover more at store.sarahbrightman.com *Note: Items are expected to ship around late January 2021.