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Only ONE MORE WEEK until Sarah's Special Announcement! Clue #5

Only ONE MORE WEEK until Sarah unveils a very special announcement on Tuesday, May 3rd at 10 AM EST!

If you haven’t figured it out already … here is another clue!

Clue #5: Say, “Ciao!” to Sarah at this romantic locale known for its marble halls, frescos, bridges and canals. Be transported to the Piazza in this Floating City without leaving the 50 states.

All previous clues are below … and another one is coming later this week!

Clue #4: “Autumn is a lovely time of year to see Sarah by ‘Starlight’ in this beautiful place where ‘La Patria Es Primero.'”

Clue #3 – “’Starlight,’ star bright, this star will be seen at night. You will be entertained with your favourites on day one, two or three … but one thing is for sure: What happens there, stays there!”

Clue #2 – “You could travel to see Sarah in this country, known for its 35 World Heritage sites, including pyramids, temples and beautiful monuments.”

Clue #1 – “Reach for the stars! Don’t be afraid to roll the dice to spend time with Sarah this year.”