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'Rarities' Volume 3

RARITIES 3 This download-only 20-track compilation, available for a limited time, offers a rare and exciting opportunity to experience the magic of one of the world’s most renowned and beloved vocalists. Culled from a rich assortment of sought-after recordings that were originally unreleased, B-Sides, limited edition releases or demo and alternate versions, this collection contains hidden jewels from Sarah’s vast and stirring repertoire. Tracks on this volume are extracted from the master tapes of the 1995 Fly and 2003 Harem special edition tour CDs, the Voce album (a 2014 release available only in Japan), sessions with Gregorian and other sources. It contains songs and works that were previously released only in Europe and Japan and are now finally made available in all parts of the world. An audio commentary track by Sarah and producer Frank Peterson is included. A must-have set for fans and completists. Volume 3 will not be available in Europe and Japan.


The Fly – Fly (Special Tour Edition), Why – Fly (Special Tour Edition), Murder In Mairyland Park – Fly (Special Tour Edition), How Can Heaven Love Me? – Fly (Special Tour Edition), Ghost in The Machinery – Fly (Special Tour Edition), Heaven Is Here – Fly (Special Tour Edition), Something In The Air (featuring Tom Jones) – Fly (Special Tour Edition), I Loved You – Fly (Special Tour Edition) – Fly (Special Tour Edition), A Question Of Honour (Original Version) – The Harem Tour, How Can Heaven Love Me (Video Version) – Fly (Special Tour Edition), Sarahbande – Voce Sleep Tight – Time To Say Goodbye, Join Me – The Harem Tour, Don’t Give Up – Gregorian – Masters Of Chant, Voyage Voyage – Gregorian – Voyage Voyage, Forbidden Colours – The Harem Tour, Done (Pop Version) – Done (Masters), The Chart Of Love – Keep The Light – Voce, Kaze No Torimichi – Voce