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Sarah's '12 Days of Christmas' Presents Day 5: The 'Winter Wonderland' Snowglobe

Day 5 of Sarah’s ’12 Days of Christmas’ Presents has arrived! Escape into Sarah’s Enchanting ‘Winter Wonderland’ with her custom-designed Snowglobe! This beautiful limited edition snowglobe comes in a lovely gift box and features Sarah enjoying the snow on a cobblestone path in an intimate park setting.

A soft yellow light illuminates this magical scene, accompanied by a beautiful carillon version of the holiday classic song, “Silent Night.”

Only 50 of these collectors’ items are available, so get yours while they last!

Share the Magic of the Season … and See What’s in Store for the Holidays at http://store.sarahbrightman.com

Sarah will highlight a very special holiday item from her new online store
on her Instagram and Facebook Stories ach and every day until Tuesday December 12th,
… so don’t miss out on any of these incredible holiday offers!

Day 6 will be delivered tomorrow … stay tuned!