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Sarah's Behind-the-Music Spotify Mobile Scavenger Hunt ... Bonus Round!

Congratulations to the Week 10 Scavenger Hunt winner, @nyctophelia on Instagram, who identified Sarah’s song “One Day Like This.” The official video for this track from ‘Dreamchaser’ featured scenes from the Hindu “Holi Festival of Colours.” Ophelia is this week’s Fan of the Week … and has been entered into the contest to win one of three “Ultimate Fan Grand Prize Packages” with beautiful collectors’ items from Sarah’s store and collectible memorabilia.

A special bonus week has been added to the Scavenger Hunt! Respond to the clue below for one more chance to play and win.

Bonus Week 11 Scavenger Hunt Clue and Question: This song from the HYMN album is the love theme from a famous 1962 film. What is the film’s title?

Decipher the clue to find the song on Spotify… then open up the “Now Playing” screen to find the answer to the question, hidden within the special video clip. Play HERE.