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Special Announcement: Clue #4

Clues and the countdown to a very special announcement continues, and the wait is almost over… All will be revealed on Tuesday, May 3rd at 10 AM EST!

Are you ready … for your next clue?

Clue #4: Autumn is a lovely time of year to see Sarah by “Starlight” in this beautiful place where “La Patria Es Primero.”

Revisit all previous clues below … and watch this space for the next one!

Clue #3 – “’Starlight,’ star bright, this star will be seen at night. You will be entertained with your favourites on day one, two or three … but one thing is for sure: What happens there, stays there!”

Clue #2 – “You could travel to see Sarah in this country, known for its 35 World Heritage sites, including pyramids, temples and beautiful monuments.”

Clue #1 – “Reach for the stars! Don’t be afraid to roll the dice to spend time with Sarah this year.”