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Compilation Appearances


Over the years, Sarah has been featured on the albums/singles of various other artists. Additionally, her songs have been included in numerous soundtrack albums and compilations. While this discography does not specifically encompass these releases, here is a partial list of the more notable ones:


• 2008 Arias, Malaysian release (“A Whiter Shade of Pale”)
• 2008 Morning Has Broken, UK release (“Attesa,” “O Waly, Waly”)
• 2006 Andrew Lloyd Webber: Divas (“Surrender”)
• 2006 Rodgers & Hammerstein: Composers on Broadway (“Mister Snow”)
• 2006 Late Night Moods V.3 (“You Take My Breath Away”)
• 2005 Magical Christmas (“O Holy Night”)
• 2005 The MUSICality of Strouse (“A Singer Must Be Free”)
• 2005 Broadway — The British Invasion: 1981-1992 (“The Phantom of the Opera”)
• 2005 Total Classics (“Whistle Down the Wind”)
• 2004 Pure Moods: Celestial Celebration (“What a Wonderful World”)
• 2004 Harmony: The Official Athens 2004 Olympic Games Classical Album (“Time To Say Goodbye”)
• 2003 Ultra Chilled 4 (“Beautiful”)
• 2003 Classical Legends (“Ave Maria”)
• 2003 Pure Classics (“Memory”)
• 2003 Heavenly Christmas (“Ave Maria”)
• 2003 Zen X Zen, Spain release (“Beautiful”)
• 2003 Now That’s What I Call Music, Greece and Turkey releases (“Harem”)
• 2003 Red Marrakesh 2, Greece release (“Harem”)
• 2003 Andrew Lloyd Webber: Gold (“Pie Jesu,” “The Phantom of the Opera,” “All I Ask of You,” “Amigos Para Siempre”)
• 2002 Christmas All Over The World (“First of May”)
• 2002 More Broadway’s Greatest Love Songs (“All I Ask of You”)
• 2002 Sacred Songs of the Virgin Guadalupe (“Pie Jesu”)
• 2001 Classical Hits (“Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”)
• 2001 Pure Moods III (“Deliver Me”)
• 2001 Andrew Lloyd Webber: Now and Forever 5-CD Box Set (“Unexpected Song”, “Nothing Like You’ve Ever Known,” “Pie Jesu,” “The Phantom of the Opera,” (both Michael Crawford and Steve Harley duets) “All I Ask Of You” (both Steve Barton and Cliff Richard duets), “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again,” “Anything but Lonely,” “Chanson D’Enfance,” “Half A Moment,” “Amigos Para Siempre”)
• 2000 Ave Maria: The Myth of Mary (“Alleluja”)
• 2000 Broadway’s Greatest Love Songs (“Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”)
• 1997 Weihnachts — Gala der Weltstars Folge 2 (“Pie Jesu”)
• 1997 All My Love: A Timeless Collection of the Greatest Stage Love Songs (“Time To Say Goodbye,” “Phantom of the Opera,” “Pie Jesu”)


• 2005 Charmed: The Book of Shadows (“Free — American Federation Club Mix”)
• 2000 Brokedown Palace (“Deliver Me”)
• 2000 Jesus Epic Miniseries (“Pie Jesu”)
• 1979 The World is Full of Married Men (“Madam Hyde”)

Guest Artist Appearances:

• 2008 Anne Murray: Duets – Friends and Legends (“Snowbird”)
• 2007 I Muvrini et Les 500 Choristes (“Tu Quieres Volver” duet version)
• 2007 Fernando Lima: Pasion (“Pasion”)
• 2007 Andrea Bocelli: The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere (“Time to Say Goodbye”)
• 2006 Chris Thompson: If You Remember Me — The Very Best (“How Can Heaven Love Me”)
• 2004 Schiller: Life (“The Smile,” “I’ve Seen It All”)
• 2002 Sash!: S4 (“The Secret”)
• 1999 Princessa: I Won’t Forget You (background vocals and songwriting credit for “Once In A Lifetime”)
• 1997 Andrea Bocelli: Romanza (“Time to Say Goodbye”)
• 1996 Princessa: Calling You (background vocals and songwriting credit for “Like A Nun,” “I Do What You Want Me To Do,” “Do You Wanna Be Loved,” “Desnudare”)

NOTE: Sarah also appears on albums of certain other artists. We are, however, unable to officially list these recordings as she is not formally credited on these albums for contractual reasons.