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Ms. Brightman’s piping soprano, with its fluttery vibrato, carried uplifting thoughts and stately melodies. Her pop is an enchanted castle, luxurious and remote, a refuge from turbulence and untidiness. Her spectacle is meticulous

New York Times

…her voice is still one of a haunting siren.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter (USA)

They say a star must be a study in contradictions, someone mysterious and difficult to define. If that’s the case, Sarah Brightman strongly qualifies. She is a delicate waif one minute, operatic diva the next. She offers her own form of rock – soprano belting – switches to classical and then expertly combines all her identities. Through transitions from sweetheart to seductress, she maintains a majestic distance, like a queen dispensing generous gifts to her adoring subjects.

Daily Variety

Sarah Brightman Shines Like A Star

Bild (Germany/Europe)