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Press Quotes

Brightman has a way of creating these memorable scenes that complement the music and create a momentary escape from the ordinary.

Reno Gazette-Journal (USA)

…the British operatic soprano doesn’t just walk, she glides with grace and drama.


Sarah belted a traditional opera number that left you breathless. Her octave range is impressive …


…This pre-eminent queen of classical-pop had only to open her mouth and everyone was entranced, mesmerised by the clear, crystalline quality of her voice and tone.


There’s just no way to describe the beauty of her voice in words. It’s just too beautiful … Amazing; incredible; superb; unbelievable …


…She ended the spectacular night with A Question of Honour, sealing the fact that there may be many singers around but few could hold a candle to this very bright star.

New Straits Times (Malaysia)