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Press Quotes

Brightman has a way of creating these memorable scenes that complement the music and create a momentary escape from the ordinary.

Reno Gazette-Journal (USA)

…there’s a true musical seductress growing better with time.


Sarah Brightman has excelled as a classical crossover artist, earning the respect of untold millions during her stellar career as a professional vocalist, actress, songwriter and dancer.

New Age Music World

…It was inevitable that she revisit her role in The Phantom of the Opera and Brightman had the crowd eating out of her hand by the time she finished “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again.” The killer blow of her finest song (and greatest hit), “Time To Say Goodbye,” was her stated finale.

The Star (Malaysia)

…Yes, this performer is all about the mood, and there is little doubt she has studied herself to be sure she’s in perfect form for those attending her concerts. I actually lost count on the costume changes at about 8. But in the end, she has the voice to back it all up. Once all the smoke and mystical mirrors are cleared, we are still left with a woman who has serious vocal ability.

The Lakeland Ledger (USA)

Brightman delivered a musically and visually lavish performance… …Brightman knows how to distribute her energy evenly throughout a concert. She seemed as fresh as if she’d just walked on stage while sustaining the last note of the tender “Time To Say Goodbye” and delivering a no-holds-barred “A Question of Honor” at the end. As the concert drew to a smoke-and-confetti close, she even flew into the air (with the help of a harness). After the musical territory she covered in this tour, one wonders where she will land next.

The Sacramento Bee (USA)