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Press Quotes

Ms. Brightman’s piping soprano, with its fluttery vibrato, carried uplifting thoughts and stately melodies. Her pop is an enchanted castle, luxurious and remote, a refuge from turbulence and untidiness. Her spectacle is meticulous

New York Times

…Brightman’s voice has never been in finer form. It was satin-smooth and pixie-nimble, and she made it clear that she could shatter a wine glass if she so wanted. Brightman proved she truly is the “Angel of Music.”


…Her voice is impressive, a soprano that reaches dizzying heights…

Rocky Mountain News (USA)

They say a star must be a study in contradictions, someone mysterious and difficult to define. If that’s the case, Sarah Brightman strongly qualifies. She is a delicate waif one minute, operatic diva the next. She offers her own form of rock – soprano belting – switches to classical and then expertly combines all her identities. Through transitions from sweetheart to seductress, she maintains a majestic distance, like a queen dispensing generous gifts to her adoring subjects.

Daily Variety

Brightman, with her soaring, vibrato-rich voice … is selling fantasy, pure and simple.

The Toronto Star (Canada)

..Brightman used no video screens to project her image, preferring to do it through a series of lifts and ramps that brought her closer to the fans. She furthered that intimacy with the operatic highs of “La Luna” and “Time to Say Goodbye,” which climaxed this fearless, compelling performance.

Boston Globe (USA)