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Press Quotes

…While Brightman’s well-produced dance and popular songs invigorated the audience with their glitz, glamour and sensuality, it was her stripped-down renditions of several classical works that brought the audience to its feet, garnering the singer nearly half a dozen standing ovations throughout the evening.

The Plain Dealer (USA)

Brightman’s voice is renowned for it’s shimmering qualities. She has also earned her place by her enviable ability to transform a grand classical opera aria into laymen’s terms. She is coquettish in her approach and plays the role of angelic seducer.

Melbourne Herald Sun (Australia)

Ms. Brightman aims to enrich the soul with the magic of sights and sounds.

Dallas Morning News (USA)

…One of the theatrical highlights was “What a Wonderful World,” which Brightman sang in black garters, white lace and stocking feet sailing high above the crowd on her own swing, while rose-petal confetti rained down on her. Brightman has a way of creating these memorable scenes that complement the music and create a momentary escape from the ordinary. The well-known Louis Armstrong version of the song faded away as Brightman made it her own.

Reno Gazette-Journal (USA)

Brightman at her operatic best; the dimunitive diva simply knocking the socks off the audience.

Adelaide Sunday Mail (Australia)

..Sarah Brightman thrilled fans with her sweet voice and dazzling appearance…

People's Daily (China)